Hoppers Stoppers Custom Brake Upgrades

Toyota Handbrake Adjustment



1: Loosen cable at lever inside vehicle, 10mm nut with locking nut.

2: Back off rubber stoppers at rear of brake backing plates so lever can return all the way.

3: Adjust drum handbrake so shoes are almost contacting the drum surface. If this is over adjusted it can create drive line shudder at speed.

4: Reset rubber stoppers to 1-2mm off backing plate surface

5: Re tension cable in cab as required.

  • Toyota have a 3 page document on this procedure and have never admitted there is a fault with the handbrake system, always pointing out that the adjustment was not carried out correctly. What I have provided above is an abbreviated version of this document with the critical points for adjustments noted.
  • If the above does not make sense to you, DO NOT attempt to adjust the handbrake, this would likely cause more harm than good. Take the car to a specialist that is confident they can perform the job.

*improve your handbrakes function by fitting aftermarket “dogbone” brackets into the assembly… They are available from many reputable 4×4 companies, we use Terrain Tamer.

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