Rotors – 300 x 28 = VT—DBA040

    Blanks for 4 stud, standard 040 for 5 studs

Calipers – VT – Grind 2mm oval in outside of holes, 1mm on outside of hole.

Hubs – 4 studs = 100mm PCD X 12mm Gemini pattern

5 studs = 120mm PCD X 12mm Commodore Pattern

Others Possible

4 stud has small Gemini centre hole

5 stud has Commodore 69.5 mm centre hole

Caliper then bolts to standard stub, no modifications – use standard Gemini 10mm bolts.

Fit provided bump stop spacers, (3mm thick mild steel 30mmx30mm) at steering lock stops as caliper will touch.

10mm – side offset change

All 15-inch wheels minimum fit

Simmonds OK

TX series have remote fill 4 bolt master, we have JB1466 that fits this right on.

For TC to TF use 2 bolt master Fit 1-inch master cylinder X B P6258A to standard booster (booster refitted upside down) If booster still fits with engine changes.

TF/TG needs earlier booster swap

For V6 need 1-inch master (see Hoppers) and remote VH40 D or J large bore booster

4WD need 2 X VH40 or 1 X 40 and 1 X 44

Gemini diffs very easy to convert to Commodore 4 stud or 5 stud discs

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