AU2 Rotor drilled as required (502U)
AU2 caliper / 4 Piston Caliper
Hubs in 4 or 5 stud patterns as required 4.25” x 7/16 UNF is original 
Bearings sets std Cortina/Capri
Outer bearing = Set A
Inner bearing = std Cortina mk1/2 or Capri
Std = Ford 5 stud 4 ½ inch PCD x ½ UNF

Adapter Bracket between caliper & strut

New 1-inch master and booster required JB1419 fits MK1 easily

Std Cortina/Capri offsets used similar to AU/BA
For Early Falcon/P76 offsets are 300mm BA design suitable for early Ford 11P offsets 
Max 6-inch x 15 in std offsets

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