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Fits std drum stubs 
VT Rotor 040 fits Chev Pattern
Std VT Caliper
Brackets fit std stub
Hubs = similar to HQ with seal area bored out and bearing moved in slightly

55-57 = kit   no1, 2mm top spacer
58 = same as 55-57
59-64 = kit no 2, thicker top spacer, longer bolt
65 –70 = kit no 3, 11/16 top bolt & spacer and larger steering arm bolts.

Ford pattern possible.

Calipers fit opposite steering arms.
Min 15-inch wheels needed.

For master cylinder and boosters see our custom setup
Use 13/16 P5748 R/W cylinders. Small mods to backing plate limit pressing required

Offset OUT by 28mm or 1 3/8 inch each side
(HQ is 1 inch)
We do 68-70 Chev Disc brake Stub
NO KIT for 68-72 Corvette (C3)

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