Hoppers Stoppers Custom Brake Upgrades


Most of our kits are based around 290/300mm rotors and twin piston Calipers to fit under 15” wheels or larger.

We do have 330mm kit versions of almost every 290/300mm kit on this list and others. Some models will also have smaller options to suit 14” wheels, please contact us with any enquiries.

Most 290/300mm front brake kits start at $1550 in common 5 stud patterns.

330mm front kits from $1900.

Ask about our ADR approved 4 piston caliper option.

Rear Kits suit common diffs (8.5/9inch and BorgWarner/Holden) from $1450


-Sigma GH-GN/Starion with Aussie Strut
-Magna rear rotor Spacers for AWD and EVO brakes onto 1996 on Magna’s


-Most models sold in Aus 808-626rwd -RX models up to Series 3 RX-7 -B series 85-95


-46-70 inc Riviera Pontiac: -USA passenger cars Models form 40-68 inc models that cross over with Chev and early Aussie delivered vehicles. -Firebird 67-70 (non Chev A body) Chrysler/Valiant/Dodge etc (Mopar) -USA and Aus passenger models 48-74 -Valiant VH-CM -Centura 6 cylinder -AT4/D5N (8 Stud Trucks only)

-Rod City -Rod Tech
-Chassis Engineering


-HR Disc brake front ends (Bolted into anything! As long as you are running the Disc brake stub-axle we can help you out!) -Torana HB-UC, we can do all of the Torana range. The HB stuff will just take a little more ID work. -HK-WB disc brake stub axle. All these stubs were the same, just the Factory brakes bolted to them were different. -Commodore VB-VZ -Gemini (70s/80s rear wheel drive models)


-USA passenger car Models from 49-69, king pin and boll joint variants. (cross over with some early Aussie delivered/assembled vehicles) -Corvette C1-C4 -Camaro 69-72 drum and some disc stubs Cadillac: -48-69 inc special models like Eldorado and Brougham. Can be done so original wheels will still fit

-Rear wheel drive models from 1st Corolla to last Cressida, inc 80s Supra, Crown, Corona, Celica and other derivates -Hilux 2WD 5 stud models 1980-current. -UZZ30/31 Soarer 330mm.


-USA passenger car Models from 49-72, king pin and ball joint variants. (cross over with some early Aussie delivery/assembled vehicles) -F100 48-72 (single I-beam only) -Mustang 64.5-Mustang II, both disc and drum stubs. (inc Mercury Cougar) -Thunderbird 53-64. -Aussie Falcon XK-BF/FG, inc all variants Drum and Disc. -Cortina/Capri/Escort Mk1-TF -Courier 1985-2000


-Rear wheel drive models from 1000 to R31 Skyline inc Zed cars 240-260.

-XJ series 2/3 in multiple track widths -XJ40 330mm -1952 mk7


-Stub Tech
-CRS (Aussie casts only) -Heidts -CCP -SSBC -Williams -Master Power

Not On This List?

We have many weird and wonderful one off kits that may also suit you purpose like Morris, TVR and Honda s600… We have over 250+ kits on file and are adding to this regularly so get in contact if your vehicle doesn’t appear on the list above. We still may have something to suit. Or we can custom make kits to suit your purpose, having done this previously on ‘kit cars’ like GT-40, Cobra and Caterham/Lotus7.

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