Hoppers Stoppers Custom Brake Upgrades

INFO SHEET – Mazda RX2, RX3 and RX4 etc

Rotor and calipers   AU2 with blanks for 4 studs 
Usual 5 stud is Ford Std. 4 stud PCD is 110mm 65mm centre hole.

Hubs take std Mazda bearings and seals
RX4 have 28mm inner bearing and reuse spacer behind inner bearing off existing setup
RX3 have 25mm inner bearing, same plate as RX4.
RX2 same as RX3 but have different plate with holes further apart.

NOTE: Some Models have Rear Bearing Collar/Spacers on the Stub Axle, these MUST be used with our kit.
Similar story for most Mazda’s usually AU2 rotors and calipers

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