Rotors – 290 X 28 AU2 = DBA 502 Blanks for all but Ford pattern 

  1. Calipers    AU2 / 4 Piston Hopper Stoppers Caliper.

Hub patterns available

                 HQ – WB    4.75 “x 7/16 PCD, 2.75 nose                         

                 HK – HG    4.25” x 7/16 PCD, 2.50” nose 

    COMMODORE – 120mm x M12 by 1.5 pitch                

      FORD   4.50” PCD X 1/2 “ unf

Bearings seals and grease caps– Standard Holden (Different seals used in kits.)

All fit to rear – no other big modifications (swap stubs left to right on Torana)

Some stubs need rough centre area ground flat. New bracket now fixes this

Most 15 inch wheels clear. Will need to check clearance. Either send in wheels or ask for measurements on different kits suiting your needs.

Simmonds need spacers 8mm thick to clear wheel rim nuts.

Offset change 2.5mm / side out on LH/UC , 16mm on LC/LJ/HR

Commodore offsets are a good fit Torana / HR Front Ends we make this + 8mm on these orders

Standard 1 inch master cylinder and booster will work with kit.

Rear Brakes –  All rear brakes Ok for standard car, 279 x 10mm disc upgrade available if heavy braking will be used on car if upgrade is required.

Commodore rear discs a good idea (complete diff narrowed as required)

Then remove residual valve and prop valve

Long Studs available plus $100.00 HQ / Torana / Ford

Torana stubs are 9° KPI

HQ and HR are 7 ½ ° KPI – don’t mix.

HK / Torana wheels may have 2 ½ inch centre hole

HQ / Commodore usually 2 ¾ inch 


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