Rotors – AU2 = 502 – Pattern as required.
Calipers- AU2 / 4 Piston Special Caliper
Bearings- Early TC = C + D straight in 
Later TC and all TD = H + D straight in. Hub bored for Holden grease cap.

Brackets- Special TC/TD 
Stud Pattern- Usually want Ford 5 stud
Std Cortina 4 stud 4 ¼ PCD x M12 studs, 2.5 centre

Min 15 std wheels OK
Simmonds need 8mm spacer.

Offset IN 6mm
Std AU/BA offsets are closest
Std 15 inch in Cortina   4 stud pattern OK
Fit 1-inch master XB P6258A straight on std booster – push rod right as is.
Re-pipe from 10/12mm to 3/8 ball flare.
No mods to F/End all will clear.

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