Hoppers Stoppers Custom Brake Upgrades


Rotors- AU2 502 Pattern as required
Calipers- AU2 / 4 Piston Special Caliper
Hubs-5 stud Ford pattern most common. 4 stud available

Std TE/TF  4 ¼ inch pcd x 12mm 4 stud possible.2.5 centre

Min 15-inch wheels, Simmonds need spacer.

No Mods to F/End.

Use 1-inch XB P6258A on std booster – adjust push rod all the way in – change 10/12mm to 3/8 ball flare.

Offsets move IN 6mm.

Std AU/BA offsets closest
Std Cortina in 15 inch OK
For early Ford offsets we have 300mm inset kit using BA rotors

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