Rotors – 300 X 28   BA Ford   DBA 504 – Blanks Drilled to Order

Calipers –   AU2 / 4 Piston Special caliper.

Hubs  available                    

                 HQ – WB    4.75 “x 7/16 PCD 2.75 nose                         

                 HK – HG   4.25” x 7/16 PCD, 2.50” nose 

    COMMODORE   120mm x M12 by 1.5 pitch                

      FORD   4.50” PCD X 1/2 UNF

Bearings seals grease caps – Standard Holden. (different seals used in kits).

All fits opposite steering arms –usually no modifications at all

Check top control arm to caliper clearance as HK/T/G and HZ /WB may touch.

Minimum 15-inch wheels in HQ and Ford offsets

Minimum 16-inch wheels in Commodore and HK and AU/BA  offsets

Simmonds wheels need 8mm spacers

Offset change 8mm out per wheel

Standard Master Cylinder and Booster Ok if 1 inch bore.

All rear brakes Ok for standard car, 279 x 10mm disc upgrade available if heavy braking will be used on car or if upgrade is required.

If using rear discs, remove residual valve and delete proportioning valve.

Long drag race studs available plus $50.00 HQ and Ford

HK may have 2 ½ inch centre hole (check)

HQ, Commodore and Ford use 2 ¾ inch or 70mm


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