Hoppers Stoppers Custom Brake Upgrades

INFO SHEET – CAMARO 67/70 Drum stubs

Table of Contents

REVISED DESIGN sept 2006 #

Rotor- DBA504 in Chev Pattern
Calipers- AU2 
Hubs-  Chev/HQ pattern.
Bearings etc std Holden including seal.

Calipers mount to rear over steering arms. 
Offsets out approximately 3/8 inch per side compared to drum stubs
Actually in 3/8 per side compared to factory discs.
Factory discs brakes fitted to original drum stubs with top lug machined back.

Std Tandem Master and Booster OK
Fit HQ prop valve in rear line.

8.5 Booster/Master is available

Most 15-inch wheels OK.

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