INFO SHEET – XW to XF and 67 to 73 Mustang

Rotors – VT   DBA 40 Blanks Drilled

Calipers –  AU2 / 4 Piston Hoppers Stoppers caliper.

Hubs –  5 stud 4 ½ inch x ½ inch UNF standard Ford Pattern

Bearings –  XW to XY  and 67-69 Mustang use A and B

        XA to XF and 70 -73 Mustang use E & F

        Seals and grease caps all the same.

Early wheels have 2 ½ inch centre but rarely seen in 15 inch 

Top Caliper bolt reused – shorten end of thread ¼ inch.

Standard master and booster OK

All usual rear brakes OK (Small / New style big bearing upgrade available on request).

Vented XB to XF rear are biggest made

8mm offset change (very little)

No mods required.

All 15 inch wheels incl Simmonds OK

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