Street Machine: 355-cube 1971 Holden HG Kingswood

Springs: Pedders lowered (f), reset leaf springs (r)
Shocks: Pedders (f&r)
Brakes: Hoppers Stoppers 340mm drilled & slotted discs (f), HQ drums (r)
Master cylinder: PBR

GIVE any Aussie muscle car enthusiast the use of a time machine and they wouldn’t be off to witness the Sermon on the Mount or find out what really happened to the dinosaurs. Odds are they’d travel just a few decades to an age when classic iron wasn’t worth the price of an average Sydney three-bedroom home and grab themselves a shed full of XY GTHOs, A9X Toranas and HT GTS 350 Monaros. Sadly for those of us who grew up after the muscle car golden age, the opportunity to own such beautiful beasts may never come around.

…. Nick was responsible for fitting up the entire underside of the car, including the full complement of Pedder’s suspension and a Hoppers Stoppers 340mm front brake upgrade. He and the other main player in the build, Pablo’s brother David, are into Fords and Valiants, and the irony isn’t lost on Pablo.

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