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Use of the internet and Ebay has expanded greatly over the last few years, and has proven to be a good way to find and trade rare used parts. However, has Ebay been taken over by “back yard” based traders selling the same thing over and over, undermining the legitimate market? 

The “Auction” sale seems to have been replaced with the “Buy it now” fixed price. 

We have had a chance to look at a Falcon 300mm kit sold off Ebay and found the following. 

1/ No fitting instructions are supplied; when this was questioned, the buyer was told to phone if he had any questions. 

2/ The design had many engineering compromises i.e. 

  • To use a cheaper caliper the cast caliper cradle had been machined, at one point reducing its section by 40% from 24mm to 14mm, greatly weakening it.
  • The bracket made to adapt the caliper looked nice but it was ½ a hole out when fitted to the stub axle. Attempts to force it to fit would have bent the stub axle and damaged the bolts.
  • The cradle strut section had been ground down by several mm to provide clearance at the rotor hub area but in spite of this the pads still sat 6mm off the outside edge of the disc. This is due to using calipers and rotors that are not dimensionally compatible.
  • None of the bolts came with locking washers.
  • The disc rotors were not packed in boxes or identified with any makers name or trace-ability.
  • The Pads were also not in boxes and seemed to be a cheap brand, with no numbers to identify source, friction rating, temp limits, freedom from asbestos etc. If the original manufacturer were proud of their product they would have their name and codes on the part.
  • Every Falcon uses ½” unf wheel studs, and aftermarket wheels supplied with matched nuts will always be ½” which will also match the rear end. This kit came with 12mm metric studs but no wheel nuts. This is a big risk for customers not realizing this and using Ford wheel nuts. The problem here is that ½” nuts will screw onto 12mm studs but barely hold and possibly strip causing a wheel to fall off when driven hard.
  • The rotors were drilled for the Ford 16mm shoulder studs leaving the 12mm studs with an oversize hole to flop around in.

The kit left a few things for the purchasers to make for themselves, i.e., no brackets or clips to fit the hose end to the chassis, and no instructions to help them work it out.

3/ The supplier would only provide a receipt with an extra10% payment, i.e., they work outside the taxation system and do not want to pay income tax or GST. This will make the kits cheaper but don’t we have a responsibility to pay our share of the cost of running this country? 

It seems the old saying of buying “nice clean oats” rather than “oats that have already been through the horse” still applies. 

When you are thinking of purchasing a brake upgrade kit ask if the seller can offer you the following: 

  1. A Registered Business, in a proper commercial building, with a long established trading history.
  2. A Company, which has public liability insurance, and stands by their product.
  3. A knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone whom you can discuss technical issues with before you decide, or help you if something isn’t fitting as it should.
  4. Someone who wants a satisfied customer, and will discuss the alternatives so you get the best result and value for money.
  5. Somewhere to go to view the range and meet the people behind the product.
  6. A real choice of options, such as competition heat treated slotted or drilled rotors, choices of stud patterns, caliper colours, wheel offsets, hoses, brake pads etc.
  7. Full information and supply of compatible systems like master cylinders, boosters and rear brakes.
  8. Spare parts that can be bought at any time; so should a small part be damaged you don’t have to buy a complete kit.
  9. A true quality product supplied by Professional Engineers who have designed and fitted hundreds of brake upgrades, and are not just shipping out some surplus bits in a box for you to figure out or make you own adaptation.

Why buy from Hoppers Stoppers? 

Hoppers Stoppers have over 150 different brake upgrades in their current range with new designs being added every week. 

We design every kit to “DOTARS code LG for brake system modifications” and NEVER “plug and re-drill” cast caliper cradles or weld together brackets, as these are highly dangerous practices. 

Each kit includes EVERY bracket, bolt, spacer, bearing, custom hose etc and comes with full and precise fitting instructions. There are never components to buy elsewhere and we are always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions. 

We are the originators of our designs, not like some who offer a “copy” of Hoppers Stoppers products. 

Hoppers Stoppers Brake Upgrades exclusively feature OEM calipers and DBA rotors and are proudly Australian made. 

So remember, when you buy from us you get a whole lot more than just a box of brake bits, you get advice, service and peace of mind. 

Peter Koning
Director Hoppers Stoppers 


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