Hoppers Stoppers - Jonathon's Coupe

Jonathan Koop (no pun intended) had very definite ideas as to what he wanted in a Mustang & was prepared to do what it took to achieve it. He looked long and hard to find the basis for his dream & finally found a (rather sad) ’65 GT Coupe for us to Convert to R.H.D and restore the way He wanted it.

The project was commenced by Hoppers Stoppers in early August 1999 and completed late January 2000. This is a "full house" car with A/C, power steer, Dual circuit Discs, Pony Interior etc and although rust free, had a seriously used body shell & the rest was there in spirit only.

Although a busy executive, Jonathan was a regular visitor for the duration of the project and was even able to put in some "hands on" time to assist with the revival of his baby. Take a look at the photos to see how the project unfolded

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