There would be very few people to whom the word 'Mustang' does not evoke some exciting images. In 1964 when Ford produced the 'Pony Car 'the automobile changed forever. The personal car had been born and allowed the family man who needed more than 2 seats to make that lifestyle statement.They were inexpensive, they drove well and they looked great! No wonder they have become todays modern classic.

We at Hoppers Stoppers have a long involvement with Mustangs and cater to all requirements, be it minor servicing or major restoration.

This photo is of a car we built from a wreck, rusted out floors, coupe & Left Hand Drive. Over a period of 12 months we restored this car to the condition you see here, converted it to right hand drive, installed dual circuit power boosted vented front discs, integrated XF Falcon box power steering & the whole bit. It drives like a dream but was too attractive to women so we sold it - Sob! An entertainment agent for 50's Rock & Roll Bands in Sydney now owns it.

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Some of the more popular jobs we do are:

Full conversions to R.H.D.
Power steering conversions
Disc Brake conversions.
Dual Circuit Brake Systems.
Full and Partial restorations.
Engine Rebuilds.

Left: Click to see a bigger picture


Email us with your Mustang requirements and we will be happy to assist without obligation.

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