Disc Rotors 

Most Hoppers Stoppers Kits use quality Australian Made DBA Disc Rotors.

High Quality Disc Brakes Australian Rotors are offered in standard (smooth), slotted (grooved), and drilled and slotted (gold) styles.

Some kits use rotors bought blank, then drilled by us to the applicable (non-standard) pattern.

These are available as spare parts if necessary.

Brake Pads

All kits use Australian Made PBR Calipers and their associated pads. 

We use and recommend Bendix Pads, available in street and competition compounds which can be bought at all good car part outlets.


Engineering Appraisal 

Hoppers Stoppers regular upgrades are reviewed by a registration authority VASS approved engineer. This ensures that the product is safe for installation on your vehicle. You should contact us for advice on compatible master cylinder/booster and rear brakes and where required; due to power train changes, have the finished combination inspected by an approved VASS engineer.

As many types of friction materials, wheels, tyres and weights are possible, all final combinations should be carefully tested to ensure good brake balance.

See the "do's and dont's" section for details on fine-tuning brakes.