Hubs and Rotors

New cars mount their separate disc rotors via a sealed bearing throw away type hub. 

Older cars used replaceable and greaseable taper roller bearings, usually all in one piece rotor casting. By combining the inside profile of a taper roller arrangement with the outer profile to carry the later rotor, we have a means to attach the modern disc onto the older car stub axle/spindle.

These hubs are CNC Machined from high quality K1045 steel and usually use regular Holden or Ford Genuine wheel studs, bearing sets, seals and grease caps.



 Calipers and Brackets

PBR twin piston calipers are usually Adapted to the original stub axle via laser cut steel plates, adapter blocks and spacers or sometimes straight onto the existing flanges.

Standard pads, rotors and rebuild kits will therefore always be available.

Hoppers Stoppers offer you a quality brake upgrade kit as a bolt on package for your performance car.

Now you can make that car stop as well as it goes.

Designs for our regular production kits are shown on the following pages with specifications and special requirements for master cylinders included.

Our product range is continually being reviewed.

Contact us for your special needs.