It’s a catchy name,
but when told that
our beginnings were
simply to service car
brakes in the
Hoppers Crossing
area (Vic), it makes
sense how we have
Founded by Peter
Koning in 1990, local demand soon had the business expanding. Having a long
history in hot rodding and qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, it wasn’t long
before more than a few interesting rods, customs and restorations came through the
workshop. Soon, Hoppers Stoppers was the “place” to have your collectible car fixed,
be it a simple service or full restoration. Old car brakes were always in demand and
quite a few modified cars were fitted with bigger brakes; at least whatever was
available at the time.
In the late 90’s, new cars began to use separate rotor/hub designs and with PBR
going to twin piston calipers on larger 300mm rotors with the VT introduction, a
range of adaptable brakes became available at affordable prices.
Today, many locally built cars use similar large PBR systems, offering us the ability
to engineer modern, available and economical upgrades for most popular cars.